Functional Analyst

Functional Analyst


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Getting to know by the existing systems and applications ;
Participating in user meetings to detail their needs;
Examine the needs of the users and analyse the functional specifications;
Draft functional- and technical analysis report respecting the scope
Draft and execute test plan in order to guarantee quality of the project;
Swiftly bring solutions to detected anomalies ;
Support the users where needed ;
Working in close collaboration with Business and the other IT teams;
Ensure general repetition and going live of the project (potentially during weekend)
Ensure maintenance and sharing knowledge with other colleagues ;
Ensure respect of planning and budget ;
Report to Project Leader Business and IT and Team Manager


Gevraagde kennis :

Functional analysis skills :Medior ( 7,00 jaar ) ; Ervaringsniveaus en jaar ervaring ?

Agile/Scrum :Medior ( 7,00 jaar ) ; Ervaringsniveaus en jaar ervaring ?

Front end development : web banking applications :Medior ( 7,00 jaar ) ; ervaringsniveau ?


Fulltime opdracht

Taal :Nederlands / Frans / Engels

Senioriteit :Medior 3 - 8 year’s experience

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